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“You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out, Kid!”

The American Academy of Ophthalmologyrecognizes December as “Safe Toys and Celebrations Month”. About 1 in 10 children’s eye injuries that end up in the ER are caused by toys. The Academy advises parents to be cautious when choosing holiday gifts for young people and recommends avoiding those that launch projectiles, such as crossbows and BB guns. As you head out to the department stores and scour the web these next couple of weeks, consider these safety concerns when deciding on gifts.

When Purchasing A Gift For A Young Child

To a child, the holidays are about fun and magic. It’s a time when good behavior is rewarded with presents, and the halls are filled with festive glee.  Unfortunately, this careless spirit can lead to multiple injuries if the child isn’t monitored appropriately. Accidents do happen, but with the proper planning and supervision, eye injuries can be prevented.

Supervise your children with new toys to ensure that he or she is operating the device correctly. Avoid purchasing toys with sharp edges or projectile parts. Pay attention to age restrictions on toys and please explain the proper use of each toy to your child before letting him or her play.

When Decorating

Injuries as a result of decorating one’s home or Christmas tree is a real issue and needs to be addressed. Please take the following precautions when decking your halls or Christmas tree:

  1. Wear eye-protective wear when cutting your tree.
  2. Hang glass ornaments out of reach of children and pets.
  3. Do not place gifts for young children too far under the tree.
  4. When decorating the tree, be mindful that each branch has the ability to harm your eyes.

When Celebrating

The holidays aren’t just about protecting your children’s eyes. Adults need to take special care when celebrating with champagne and other bubbly. When popping bottles for the New Year remember to hold the cork down firmly with the palm of your hand while removing the wire. Use a towel and point it away from yourself and others. Keep the bottle and a 45-degree angle.


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