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This August, Help Raise Awareness for Children’s Eye Health

August is National Children’s Eye Health and Safety Month! Read on to learn more about common childhood eye conditions, and schedule a comprehensive eye exam for your child.


More commonly referred to as a lazy eye, amblyopia is characterized by decreased vision resulting in abnormal visual development. Lazy eye is the leading cause of decreased vision amongst children, and it can occur during infancy and early childhood. Lazy eye occurs when nerve pathways are not properly stimulated, and the brain favors one eye as a result. It’s important that parents catch lazy eye early, in order for doctors to properly treat the condition.


Conjunctivitis, also known as pink eye, is a highly contagious condition commonly found in young children. Characterized as an inflammation of the conjunctiva, pink eye affects the white part of the eye and the inner portion of the eyelids. Infectious pink eye is caused by viruses responsible for ear infections, sore throats, and the common cold. There are other forms of conjunctivitis that are not contagious, such as allergic conjunctivitis. Newborn babies are also at risk of developing a pink eye, especially if their mother has a sexually transmitted disease. If your child shows signs of pink eye, you should see a doctor as soon as you can.


Strabismus is an eye condition in which a child’s eyes do not line up, causing their eyes to appear “crossed.” The condition affects four percent of children under the age of six, but it can be easily corrected if identified early. If your child exhibits signs of crossed eyes or strabismus, schedule an eye exam.

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