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Patient Testimonials


"I have been coming here for about 13 years and I’m currently 24! And I have never had a bad experience. I see Dr. Feldman and he is absolutely wonderful. He taught me how to put contact lenses in properly. He is a very personable man. There was one time when he wasn’t available due to being on vacation and I was disappointed, but only because I play favorites. I feel cared for and never rushed. I always have my appointment early Saturday morning too. They always take their time and help you with the glasses selection process. My order comes in very prompt. They really care about your concerns and help you address them. If your glasses break or need to be cleaned or re-tightened stop in and they will take care of it."

Mya J. | Baltimore, Maryland

"I’ve been going to Catonsville Eye Group for years now. I never have a problem getting an appointment. They always handle my vision insurance coverage with a minimum of fuss. They turn around custom frame/lens orders in around a week. They’ve never been a hassle when requesting contact lens prescriptions for mail-order.

I also like that they’ve refreshed their optometric systems to be highly computerized. The photometers (the big lens thing you look through) are completely automated – the optometrist changes lens settings from a PC, and the system records all of the information and updates your prescription records automatically. No possibility of them writing down the wrong prescription!

All of their ordering and appointment systems work well together, too. For a private practice, they have their office automation squared away completely. They will send email and/or text reminders for appointments, as well as when your glasses or contacts come in. I don’t believe I’ve ever had a scheduling or paperwork snafu, which is saying something when dealing with any medical/health practice.

Prices for lenses and frames are comparable to the national chains." 

Rob N. | Catonsville, Maryland

"Catonsville Eye Group, are a very wonderful group of people. I usually do not like going to the eye doctor, but they made feel right at ease and they were not…"

Tara B. | Baltimore, Maryland

"I have been going to this office for over 15 years. The office staff is welcoming. The doctors are pleasant. It's always easy to get appointments. Excellent all around service." 

V G. | Baltimore, Maryland

"I’ve been going to this office for over 10 years now. Dr. Feldmann is my doctor of choice. He is mild mannered and soft spoken. It’s a pleasure to bring my eyes to them. Prices for glasses are okay. I’ll buy from them just to have them deal with my insurance. Prices for disposable contact lens are decent, and I’ll buy from them for the same reason. The office staff is very friendly and helpful." 

Chris C. | Baltimore, Maryland


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