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Neurolens Specialist

Catonsville Eye Group

Optometrists located in Catonsville, MD

You rely on clear vision for just about everything you do. Ensuring your vision is clear and the health of your eyes is protected is critical. The optometrists at Catonsville Eye Group include Neurolens. If you live in or around Catonsville, Maryland, call the team at Catonsville Eye Group or book an appointment online for friendly and expert eye care for every member of your family.

Neurolens Q & A

People suffering from neuro-visual optometry have a small amount of eye misalignment not found in a routine eye exam. Their body corrects the misalignment by overusing and straining the eye muscles, causing aggravating symptoms. New Neurolens technology can help relieve troubling symptoms.

If you suffer from headaches, end-of-day eye fatigue, dry eye, dizziness, or neck pain, a misalignment between your eyes could be the problem.

The optometrists at Catonsville Eye Group offer neurolens® - a revolutionary new lens design that corrects eye misalignment and has helped thousands of patients alleviate these symptoms.

Contact us today at 410-747-1221 to see if you’re a candidate, and begin your journey to relief.