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Screen Time and Children’s Eye Health

According to the Vision Council, over 70 percent of American parents report that their children frequently engage in more than two hours of screen time every day. That’s over 14 hours a week that children are committing to tablets and televisions, and the statistic most likely doesn’t take school, camp, or daycare into consideration. Online games and shows have been proven to provide benefits both recreational and educational, but is your child engaging in too much screen time? Read on to learn more about screen time and children’s eye health.

Blue Light

Blue light is a high-energy visible light emitted by most LED screens. It plays an important role in our sleep schedule, regulating our body’s circadian rhythm also known as the sleep cycle. Not only can blue light have a negative effect on your child’s eye health, but it can disrupt their normal sleep/wake schedule.

It’s important to point out that the sun accounts for the majority of a person’s blue light exposure. However, blue light emitted from LED screens can add to your child’s overall daily exposure.  

Sleep Deprivation

Losing just an hour of sleep a night can have negative effects on the health of a young child’s eyes. One common condition associated with lack of sleep is dry eye. While dry eye may not cause lasting vision problems, the condition can be incredibly uncomfortable for a young person. Your child may not be able to articulate the discomfort or pain that they are feeling, so it’s important to schedule a routine eye exam.

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