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Three Ways to Protect Your Eyes From Chlorine

Whether you’re opening the pool soon or you’re hitting the beach for spring break, consider the health of your eyes before you cannonball into the water. You don’t have to hold a record-breaking 50m butterfly time to develop dry eye. Even a leisurely dip in the pool can leave your eyes red and uncomfortable. Here are a few ways that you can protect your eyes from any pool water damage this summer.

Wear Goggles

Your eyes are coated with a thin layer called the tear film, which keeps your eyes smooth, clear, and moist. Chemicals that are used to keep pool water clean, such as chlorine, can wash away the moist layer of tear film, making your eyes uncomfortable and red. Dry eye can be irritating and annoying, but it can also lead to more serious infections such as conjunctivitis.

One way to protect your eyes from the harm of chlorine chemicals is to wear goggles. Goggles keep chemicals away from your eyes so that your tear film is maintained.

Wash Your Eyes

Immediately after swimming, wash your eyes by applying lubricating drops. Ensure that your hands are clean before you do so, as dirty hands could lead to eye infection. Lubricating drops can wash away chlorine and other chemicals from your eyelids and eyelashes.

Use Over the Counter Drops

Purchase an over the counter lubricating eye drop and have it approved by your eye doctor. Use the eye drop before and after you go swimming to keep the tear film balanced and your eyes comfortable.


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