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How to Avoid Eye Injuries in the Workplace

According to Prevent Blindness America, more than 2,000 American workers suffer an eye injury every day. In fact, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration reports that workplace eye injuries cost an estimated $300 million a year in lost productivity, medical treatment, and worker compensation. In order to raise awareness about the issue, The American Academy of Ophthalmology has designated March as Workplace Eye Wellness Month.

Safety Eyewear

As an employer, it’s important to educate your employees on the safety of eyewear in the workplace, especially if the job requires that you work with machinery. As an employee, it’s your responsibility to work safely and to wear your protective eyewear.

One of the easiest and most effective ways to reduce workplace eye injuries is to wear proper safety glasses. According to a BLS survey, nearly three of five people who suffered eye injuries at work were not wearing any form of eye protection.

Reducing Infection Risk

Depending on your field of work, you could be more susceptible to eye infection. Professionals who work in health care, laboratories, or animal handling environments should consider special eye protection to reduce the risk of exposure to minor and major eye illnesses.

Eye Safety in Your Cubicle

Employees who do not handle machinery or medicines should still consider the risk that office life has on their vision. Conditions such as digital eye strain and computer vision syndrome are serious issues that could be avoided with safe practices. If you work at a computer for the majority of the day, ensure that your face is not too close to the screen and that you are taking breaks from looking at the computer.


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