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How Much Do You Know About Blue Light?

Sunlight contains many shades of different colors, depending on the energy and wavelength of the individual rays. This combined spectrum of colored light rays creates what we refer to as sunlight. There is an inverse relationship between the wavelength of light rays and the amount of energy they contain. Simply put, light rays that have long wavelengths contains less energy while light rays with short wavelengths contain more energy. Rays on the blue end of the spectrum have shorter wavelengths and therefore, more energy.

Important Blue Light Factors

Sunlight is the largest source of blue light, and most people are exposed to blue light by spending time outdoors. There are also man-made sources of blue light, such as flat screen televisions and LED lighting. Computers, smartphones, and other digital devices emit significant amounts of blue light, and exposure varies depending how much a person spends each day interacting with said devices.

Risks Associated With Blue Light Exposure

Blue light has the ability to penetrate all the way to the retina, and can potentially damage light sensitive cells in that area of the eye. Studies have shown that excessive exposure, such as with sunlight, to blue light, can lead to macular degeneration, a disease causing central vision loss.

Research has also shown that blue light contributes to digital eye strain and insomnia. You can reduce your risk of developing digital eye strain by purchasing computer glasses. These lenses can block blue light with wavelengths less than 450 nm which will also increase your comfort when using digital devices.


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