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Did the Solar Eclipse Damage My Eyes?

The solar eclipse has come and gone, and despite the health warnings and viewing tutorials, many Americans are worried about the state of their vision after Monday’s phenomenon. Whether you caught a quick glance of the crescent or you stared directly at the sun, it’s important to understand the signs of potential eye damage involved with viewing a solar eclipse without proper protection. Regardless of the information provided below, you should schedule an eye exam with your local ophthalmologist.

The Effects of Viewing the Eclipse Without Glasses

Any amount of exposure to the sun, or the eclipse, could cause short-term and long-term damage. Short-term issues include solar keratitis, which is similar to sunburn of the cornea. Solar keratitis can cause eye pain and light sensitivity, and symptoms can occur within 24 hours after exposure.

Long-term issues can include a variety of vision problems such as retinopathy, which occurs when the sun burns a hole in the retinal tissues. Retinopathy oftentimes results in a loss of central vision, and symptoms can occur immediately to two weeks after exposure.

Zero Immediate Signs of Eye Damage

Despite the severity of eye damage that can occur, there is often no immediate sign of harm after viewing an eclipse without protection. Common symptoms or signs of potential eye damage include sensitivity to light, eye pain, and loss of vision in one or both eyes.


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