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A Guide For Choosing the Best Eyeglasses For You

Corrective lenses, or eyeglasses, are used to correct refractive errors, alleviate the effects of conditions such as nearsightedness, and improve the quality of life for the person wearing them. As functional and practical eyeglasses are, they’re also a way to add character or style to a person’s aesthetic. The next time you go shopping for a new set of frames, determine which pair is best for you!

The Shape of Your Face

There are three common face shapes; oval, square, and round. Glasses are specifically designed to compliment certain face shapes, so it’s important to determine yours. An oval shape is considered to be the ideal shape for glasses because of its balanced proportions. In order to maintain the natural balance of your oval face shape, look for glasses that are as wide, or wider than, the broadest part of your face.

If you have a strong jawline and broad forehead, your face could be characterized as a square. A narrow frame style best compliments a square face. Look for frames that have more width than depth, and narrow ovals.

If you have a round face, opt for angular, narrow eyeglasses to best compliment your full features. Rectangular shapes are a popular choice for women and men with round faces as they are wider than they are deep.

The Color of Your Eyes

It’s a common rule that most people look best wearing frames that are similar to the shade of their eyes. If you have brown eyes, tortoiseshell frames will suit you well. If you have blue eyes, a dark or light blue frame will accentuate the brightness of your eyes, etc.

Your Aesthetic

Once you’ve established the general shape and color of your glasses, you can determine if the frames improve your aesthetic. Don’t be afraid to stand out or even to choose a subtle option. After all, your glasses will be a part of your outfit every day, so it’s important to choose a pair that you feel comfortable in.


Here at the Catonsville Eye Group, providing the best patient care is out #1 priority. The professionalism of our doctors coupled with our capable and caring staff, state of the art technology, and extensive frame and lens options are what have made Catonsville Eye Group the first choice for families in our community.  We strive to provide the best possible professional care at fair and reasonable prices to our patients in the most courteous way possible!

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