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4 Ways Your Vision Changes During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a beautiful time for women and their families, but it can present a variety of unexpected changes. Discover how your vision can change during these nine months, and ensure that you schedule an eye exam at the Catonsville Eye Group!


Hormone levels fluctuate during pregnancy, causing the body to produce fewer tears. Dry eyes can cause irritation, redness, and sensitivity to light. Eye doctors recommend taking the following measures to reduce the effects of dry eye: limit screen time, wear glasses instead of contacts and use eye drops.

Fluid Retention/Weak Vision

Additional blood and fluids lead to swelling, which is a normal part of pregnancy. Water retention leads to common side effects such as swollen ankles, but it can also increase the thickness of your cornea. The change is slight and may go unnoticed, but it could alter the effect your glasses or contacts.

Migraines/Visual Disturbances

Many women experience ocular headaches for the first time during pregnancy. Ocular headaches, or a migraine with aura, leads to flashing lights, blind spots, and other vision impairments. Some women experience aura symptoms without a headache. Talk to your doctor about safe medications and other options.

Puffy Eyelids/Side Vision

Hormonal changes can lead to puffy eyelids. In most cases, the change is strictly cosmetic. However, if the puffiness continues, it could interfere with your side vision. Ensure that you’re maintaining a diet low in sodium, and drinking enough water each day.


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